Month: October 2021

Self Realization – Staying the Course 1/3 A hiker walks down the road.

In this video, Ryan discusses the first three of five points to help us stay the course to Self-realization: One-pointedness is the ability to stay focused, avoid distractions, and let

Spiritual Fasting & The Power of Divine Love – South Asheville Yoga Kriya Satsang 3/3 Radha Madhavam, a painting of Sri Krishna and Radha by Raja Ravi Varma

Sri Yukteswar said that if a person can experience Divine Love, all the things within the body which cause disease and contribute to illness and unhappiness are cast out. Ryan

Spiritual Fasting – South Asheville Yoga Kriya Satsang 2/3 View of sun, sky and mountaintops

In this video, Ryan continues his lesson on spiritual fasting. He begins by saying that the work you do on your own through meditation practice helps you be more in

Spiritual Fasting – South Asheville Yoga Kriya Satsang 1/3 Arms reach toward sky free of handcuffs

In this lecture, Ryan discusses the importance of fasting from negative thoughts and emotions. He says that some people are addicted to things that they think they can’t give up.