Kriya Yoga Teachers and Resources

On this page, you will find useful resources to assist your experience of the Kriya Yoga Path. Section one lists Kriya Yoga teachers and centers that may be near you. Section two lists counselors. Section three lists astrologers. All centers, counselors and astrologers on this page, I have had personal interaction with and trust their experience and emphasis.

Kriya Yoga Teachers and Centers

Donelle Mason – New Zealand

(Contact Information Coming Soon.)

Chris Sartain – Chile

David McGrath – Ireland

Workshops and meet-ups:

Facebook Page:


Assisi Institute – New York – United States


Song of the Morning Ranch – Michigan – United States


Suzanne Balka

Michelle Lewis

Isha Das

David McGrath

Facebook Page:


Vedic Astrologers – Asheville Vedic Astrology

The astrologers at Asheville Vedic Astrology have been personally trained by Ryan Kurczak. Their course of study averaged 4 years of intensive training, exercises and practicums. They are the top 5% of those trained by the Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Program.

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