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A Class on “Absolute Knowledge That Liberates Consciousness” by Roy Eugene Davis, taught by Ryan Kurczak

Please download this class on Roy Eugene Davis’ Kriya Yoga book “Absolute Knowledge that Liberates Consciousness“.  This course was taught by Ryan Kurczak and explores the foundation of spiritual enlightenment and explanations of how to experience higher realities. Follow along with a copy of Mr. Davis’ book or listen to the recordings as a stand alone source of inspiration for your spiritual path. This course was made possible by the support of our Kriya Yoga Online Patreon Community. If you would like to become a member of this community and receive monthly lessons, first opportunity to sign up for retreats, classes and workshops, or you would just like to support this Kriya Yoga Teaching Ministry, please visit:

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Course Contents

This digital course includes over 6 hours of lecture, exploring the chapters of Absolute Knowledge That Liberates Consciousness By Kriya Yoga Teacher, Roy Eugene Davis.

Chapter 1 – The Truth About Your Essence of Being and Your Relationship with The Infinite

Chapter 2 – The Orderly Processes of Cosmic Manifestation

Chapter 3 – The Psychological and Physiological Basis of Spiritual Enlightenment

Chapter 4 – Superconscious Meditation Practice That Clarifies Awareness

Chapter 5 – Guidelines to Discipleship

Chapter 6 – Three Transformative Practices

Chapter 7 – Infinite Life

In Roy Eugene Davis’ book “Absolute Knowledge” the author condenses the essential material needed to understand how to live a spiritually successful life. Mr. Davis describes the principles of cosmic evolution and how to cooperate with those principles through effective living, prayer and meditation. This class focuses on the most powerful ways to experience superconscious meditation and how to cultivate spiritual and psychological well-being. “Absolute Knowledge” is the condensed content of the author’s 60 years of dedicated Kriya Yoga meditation practice and teaching. It is a helpful introduction to the first step on the spiritual path we call Kriya Yoga.

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