Spiritual Fasting & The Power of Divine Love – South Asheville Yoga Kriya Satsang 3/3

Spiritual Fasting & The Power of Divine Love – South Asheville Yoga Kriya Satsang 3/3

Radha Madhavam, a painting of Sri Krishna and Radha by Raja Ravi Varma

Sri Yukteswar said that if a person can experience Divine Love, all the things within the body which cause disease and contribute to illness and unhappiness are cast out. Ryan explains that the body can care for itself in terms of germs and disease, but it is important to experience Divine Love.

He then recommends a way of purging your consciousness of unhealthy thoughts and ideas when you are going to sleep. Bring your awareness to your heart and your forehead (a yogic sleep technique). As feel you feel these areas, remember a time that you felt perfect love and perfectly at peace. As you are imagining and feeling it, use the mantra “I love you.” You’re not saying it to anyone in particular. You’re just saying it. If it feels fake at first, just keep doing it. Keep going until it feels real.

Whatever arises in your awareness, keep saying “I love you.” As you repeat and feel this mantra, your body, mind, and spirit will be nourished. This practice generates Divine Love, Divine Fire, which will burn away mental, emotional, and physical problems. With practice, you will find yourself making better choices for yourself. You will be nicer to people. You will feel Divine Love all the time because whatever you put out, you’re creating a current to create more of it through your body. If you’re putting out love, you’re setting up a circuit. You’re creating a vacuum. Love is going out. You need to replenish this with love again. Keep doing that until that circuit becomes completely natural.

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