Spiritual Fasting – South Asheville Yoga Kriya Satsang 2/3

Spiritual Fasting – South Asheville Yoga Kriya Satsang 2/3

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In this video, Ryan continues his lesson on spiritual fasting. He begins by saying that the work you do on your own through meditation practice helps you be more in tune to the goodness and wholeness of life and to the Grace within life. He mentions that his own spiritual teacher, Roy Eugene Davis, in his book Seven Lessons in Conscious Living, said that very rarely did he meet someone who had financial difficulties or poverty consciousness that demonstrated true spiritual awakening. Mr. Davis explains that this is the case because if you are doing your yoga practice correctly, you will be more receptive and attuned to the Divine Grace which is always flowing to you. The idea that you have to do something to be good enough to receive Divine Grace is a fallacy. You don’t have to do anything to receive Divine Grace. You don’t have be “deserving” of it. All you have to do is be open to it.

Ryan explains that you have the karma that you think you have because you think you have it. That is the difference between the Self-realized person and a person who is not awake. The Self-realized person knows who and what they are, and they know their inner freedom. The unrealized person is still a divine manifestation of God—they just don’t know it or accept it as real.

In your mind, fast from those thoughts that you don’t deserve good fortune and good health. Purge them from your mind. One way to do this is to state what you want and then pull back and observe the thoughts that arise. This requires the ability to be detached and watchful. Meditation is helpful because it teaches you how to pull back and observe the changes in your consciousness. The thoughts that come up may be in opposition to what you say you want. They indicate the karma you need to give up. Now that you are aware of those thoughts, purge them. No longer sustain those states of consciousness.

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