Month: November 2021

Q&A #2 on the Spiritual Path 3/3 Sunlit path through the woods

Ryan begins this Q&A with a discussion of The Greatness of Saturn, an astrological text about the planet Saturn, which illustrates the idea that we experience what is within us.

Q&A #2 on the Spiritual Path 2/3 Buddha statue with Sun in background

In this video, Ryan continues answering questions from Kriya Yoga students: As a Witnessing Presence, I still retain a form of identity or separateness from the world. That’s the first

Q&A #2 on the Spiritual Path 1/3 Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Roy Eugene Davis

In this video series, Ryan answers questions about Kriya Yoga: 1. Should I try to breathe deeply throughout the meditation process? Deep breathing is usually not sustained. When thoughts slow

Is the Guru-Disciple (Teacher-Student) Relationship Important in Kriya Yoga?

Please take some time to listen to this presentation by Kriya Yoga Teacher Christopher Sartain from Chile. Chris has been a long time spiritual friend. I have always been impressed

Self Realization – Staying the Course 3/3 Sculpture of Shiva

In this video, Ryan explains that Self-realization is not what you think it is. It requires that you go beyond the mind, which takes dedication and willingness to confront erroneous

Self Realization – Staying the Course 2/3 A rock climber ascends

In this video, Ryan states that it’s good to put attention on idols like Ganesh, Shiva, or Buddha because they represent states of consciousness. By flowing your attention to them,