KRIYA YOGA ONLINE with Kriya Yoga Teacher, Ryan Kurczak

The Kriya Yoga Online Ashram offers online courses of study in the Kriya Yoga tradition.

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The Kriya Yoga Online Ashram offers beginner to advanced online programs. Participants in all programs are invited to monthly online Q&A sessions.

What is Kriya Yoga Online?

Kriya Yoga Online is a resource for those interested in the path of Kriya Yoga. Through The Kriya Yoga Podcast, the extensive library of YouTube videos on the Kriya Yoga Online with Ryan Kurczak channel, our downloadable courses, the 2-Year Apprenticeship Program, the 52 week Discipleship Course, and available books it is our wish to provide useful instruction and inspiration to assist you on your Kriya Yoga journey.

Kriya Yoga Lineage of Gurus

Kriya Yoga Online is the teaching ministry of Ryan Kurczak and represents the lineage of Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda and Roy Eugene Davis. Ryan was ordained and authorized to teach Kriya Yoga by his teacher, Roy Eugene Davis.  Roy Eugene Davis studied with and was ordained to teach Kriya Yoga by the great yogi Paramahansa Yogananda. In this way, this lineage continues the tradition which is passed on from living teacher to student.

Along with all of the many online offerings, Ryan Kurczak offers Kriya Yoga Retreats at various locations throughout the year. He offers trainings in Kriya Yoga, as well as, Kriya Yoga initiation to prepared students. For more information on upcoming events, please see our Events Page.

Monthly online sessions are available to supporters of our “Kriya Yoga Online” Patreon Community, as well as to students of our Kriya Yoga Online Ashram.  During these sessions, Mr. Kurczak offers time for Q&A related to Kriya Yoga, as well as guided meditation sessions. 

Please take a moment to review our available offerings below.

Kriya Yoga Apprenticeship

From 2016-2018 Roy Eugene Davis guided Ryan Kurczak in the creation of this 2-year Kriya Yoga Apprenticeship Program, with the purpose to provide the essential, spiritual, philosophical and practical information needed to experience the promise of Kriya Yoga, which is Self-realization. Mr. Davis and Mr. Kurczak are pictured here on retreat with the first group of students within that program. At present, student applications exceed availability each year. The Kriya Yoga Apprenticeship course is specifically intended to support you on your private journey.  This is a 2-Year Program for students who feel a sincere connection to this Kriya Yoga tradition.  Every year 25 new students are accepted into this program.
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Kriya Yoga Books

While Kriya Yoga is best learned through direct instruction and consistent personal practice, the study of books can provide great fuel for contemplation and learning. Books currently available by Ryan Kurczak include, An Essential Guide to Kriya Yoga Practice, Kriya Yoga: Continuing the Lineage of Enlightenment, A Course in Tranquility and Kriya Yoga Vichara

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The Kriya Yoga Podcast

Exploring Kriya Yoga meditation, lifestyle and Self-realization philosophy for the 21st century yogi. Hosted by Ryan Kurczak, a student of Roy Eugene Davis. This podcast focuses on the essential philosophy of Kriya Yoga and includes many special guest teachers. The interviews are thorough and inspirational. A new episode is released every other Monday.  The Kriya Yoga podcast began in 2019. This podcast is supported by our Kriya Yoga Apprenticeship Students and Patreon members. Episodes can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Podbean and in the following link: https://kriyayoga.podbean.com/

Kriya Yoga Downloadable Courses

Two courses on Kriya Yoga are available for download. The 11-Hour Kriya Yoga Training Course explores the fundamental principles and techniques of Kriya Yoga practice. The 26-hour Kriya Yoga Sutras Training Course explores how the full 8 limbs of Yoga are applicable to your spiritual practices and daily living. In this course we also examine the entirety of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

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The 52 Week Kriya Yoga Discipleship Course

The Kriya Yoga Discipleship Training Course consists of an 52-week series of classes. Each class is delivered as a video or audio. This course is to serve as a manual of study and guide to conscious spiritual practice in the light of a guru-disciple relationship. Students can conclude their studies at the first 8 weeks, or continue the subscription for a total of a years worth of class instruction.

The first 8 weeks focuses on the path of discipleship. The remaining year of material contains essential classes and instruction for those wishing to practice Kriya  Yoga and also apply to the Kriya Yoga Apprenticeship Program.

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Become a Member and Supporter of this Kriya Yoga Teaching Ministry

You are welcome to join our thriving community of Kriya Yogis, who endeavor to support the offering of classes, creation of podcasts and videos, etc., by becoming a patron.  While we do charge for our books, and minimal fees for downloadable classes, we endeavor to offer as much free instruction as possible. The members of our Patreon community help make this possible.  Learn more about the benefits of being a part of the “Kriya Yoga Online” Patreon Community, and how you can become involved with the support of this Kriya Yoga teaching ministry. https://www.patreon.com/KriyaYoga

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There has never been a better time to actualize your path to Self-realization, greater peace of mind and clearer perception. We are happy to support you on this path.

Ryan Kurczak, Co-Leading a Kriya Yoga Retreat in July of 2022 with Isha Das and Swami Nirvananda.

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