Series #1 – Kriya Yoga Meditation Beginner’s Guide

Explore the essentials of technique, philosophy and lifestyle guidelines supportive of authentic Kriya Yoga Meditation practice.

Series #2 Kriya Yoga Lectures and Discussion with Roy Eugene Davis

Roy Eugene Davis met and studied under Paramahansa Yogananda. Mr. Davis was ordained by Yogananda as a Self-Realization Fellowship minister and was authorized to teach Kriya Yoga. He is now the founder/director of Center for Spiritual Awareness in Lakemont, GA – a Kriya Yoga Meditation retreat center. The following 9 videos with Mr. Davis contain many philosophical points essential to the practice of Kriya Yoga.

Series #3 – Introduction to Modern Kriya Yoga Stay-at-Home Retreat

In this series we discuss the value of Kriya Yoga and how to practice in our modern world. These recordings are from our yearly Kriya Yoga Stay-at-Home retreat. Participant questions and answers are included throughout.

Series #4 – Guided Kriya Yoga Meditation Sessions

These guided meditations vary in length from 20 minutes to 1 hour. They are provided to give you proper guidance and instruction as you develop your own capacity to practice Kriya Yoga meditation on your own.

Series #5 – Kriya Yoga Practices for Each Month of the Year

To realize the benefits of Kriya Yoga requires more than perfect technique. Each day of our life is an opportunity to demonstrate our clear realizations. In this series we discuss a different point of focus for each month of the year.

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