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The Most Immediate Way to Happiness Thiruvanamalai Mountain

When there are no cravings and there are no attachments, you exist in what is there all the time. With these practices (practicing yoga, living in the right way, trying

Contentment–Vasistha’s Yoga–Yoga Sutras A path among tall trees

In this lesson, Ryan discusses what yogic scriptures have to say concerning the practice of contentment. According to the Yoga Sutras, contentment, the second of the niyamas, is said to

Straight Talk on Spiritual Growth – South Asheville Kriya Satsang – Part 1/3 Rainbow over mountain ridge

In this talk, Ryan answers questions about the spiritual path. There is no real difference between Brahman, Ishvara, and Prakriti. They are essentially the same thing—the underlying creative intelligence which