Listen to the Most Essential Audio Book on Kriya Yoga Now

Listen to the Most Essential Audio Book on Kriya Yoga Now

Find An Essential Guide to Kriya Yoga Practice available on audio book through Amazon and Audible.

An Essential Guide to Kriya Yoga Practice contains all you need to know to begin practicing Kriya Yoga. If you are looking for one of the most effective approaches to Kriya Yoga, you will find it in this book. The book is read by the author, Ryan Kurczak, and has a running time of 8 hours.

This book demystifies the process of Kriya Yoga, and explains the proper integration between meditation and living a full life. It based on over two decades teaching and practicing Kriya Yoga.

This book bridges that gap between theory and practice.

An Essential Guide to Kriya Yoga Practice is a guide for new initiates and a resource for kriya yogis who have already been initiated by a living teacher in this tradition. The knowledge in these pages is intended for those cultivating Self-realization and clearer states of consciousness through the practices of Kriya Yoga.

Topics Include

-A holistic description of how Kriya Yoga works
-Recommended preliminary meditation practices to prepare for Kriya initiation
-Descriptions of the Kriya Yoga Pranayama Techniques taught during initiation
-Guidelines and routines beginner to advanced Kriya Yoga practice
-Answers to commonly asked questions

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“This book is a perfect companion to anyone who is already following the Kriya Yoga path as taught by the lineage of Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yuketeswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Roy Eugene Davis and their successors – but it would also serve as a great introduction to the practices for newcomers. As noted in my review of the first edition ‘If I were to recommend one single printed resource to either an experienced practitioner or an interested novice, this book would be it. Ryan’s approach is practical, containing absolutely no nonsense – but also extraordinarily powerful for those who will set aside the time each day to practice.'” -Noebie

“Ryan is an amazing teacher. This book is jam packed with information on steps to take toward self realization or just being happier where you are in life which is also a wonderful place to be. If you consistently practice Kriya Yoga, life will feel better. And specifically the version he teaches – I’ve tried others and they are not as powerful for me. He does a great job condensing ancient vedic scripture into practical, easy to understand language. The ancient scriptures are guides to happiness, but often difficult to understand and apply for many people. I highly recommend Ryan and anything he teaches/writes/lectures about – he’s a good one.” -Ember

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