Self Realization – Staying the Course 1/3

Self Realization – Staying the Course 1/3

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In this video, Ryan discusses the first three of five points to help us stay the course to Self-realization:

  • One-pointedness is the ability to stay focused, avoid distractions, and let go of attachment to the senses. In meditation, it is important to be able to pull within and become the observer of thoughts and feelings. In daily living, one-pointedness means to always have within your awareness this sense that you are not what you are perceiving. You are not the objects of perception. You are the Witnessing Presence. Self-realization occurs when we learn to disidentify with all those things which we are not, which is everything that we can see. This takes consistent practice all the time.
  • Sincerity is the willingness to come to terms with your changeless nature and doing what needs to be done to remain established in the Self. In yoga practice and in life, having mental and emotional attachments to the things you want to accomplish brings suffering. Coming to terms with the fact that you do not need to get emotionally and mentally invested in things and that you exist free of your story is what it means to be sincere. Trouble comes in when we try to uphold this definition of who we think we are or what we should be doing within the world instead of doing what’s appropriate based on what the situation calls for.
  • Adaptability is the ability to change thoughts and behaviors based on inner realizations and cast off what is not needed without attachment—including ideas about what God is. Holding on to what we think the Divine is will put stumbling blocks in the way. God is not a cosmic person or entity that dispenses negativity or goodness. God is a Presence, eternal and beyond the mind, attachments, and what we think It is. God is you. Everything you think, feel, and do is God doing it through you. As Roy Eugene Davis would say, you are individualized unit of God.

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