Q&A #2 on the Spiritual Path 1/3

In this video series, Ryan answers questions about Kriya Yoga:

1. Should I try to breathe deeply throughout the meditation process?

Deep breathing is usually not sustained. When thoughts slow down, when there are no thoughts, and when superconsciousness is experienced, the breath becomes very light, easy, and natural—almost imperceptible. Because the breath is attached to the mind, deep breathing is helpful to slow down the mind when it is moving quickly.

2. What is the benefit of initiation?

One benefit of initiation is receiving the help of the guru. This help can come through a relationship with a teacher who can answer your questions or through attunement to the state of consciousness that the guru lineage represents, which is an easier route to experiencing clearer states of consciousness. Another benefit of initiation is learning advanced meditation techniques that are not publicly shared.

3. What are the dominant old beliefs that we need to let go off?

See those beliefs whatever they are and ask, “Is this me? Is this real?” Meditate on that and focus on the feeling. You will realize that it’s not you and it’s not real. Once you experience disidentification with these ideas, concepts, and feelings, then you can make positive changes.

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