Self Realization – Staying the Course 2/3

In this video, Ryan states that it’s good to put attention on idols like Ganesh, Shiva, or Buddha because they represent states of consciousness. By flowing your attention to them, you can learn to achieve that state of consciousness. Ganesh and Shiva are not independent realities from you however. They are powers within you.

Ryan then discusses the value of contentment and stillness in staying on the awakening path.

  • Contentment– letting be what is while taking appropriate action in the present. When you are content, you’re not thinking about, worried about or projecting yourself in the future. Lahiri Mahasaya and Sri Yukteswar both discussed the value of contentment. In Vasistha’s Yoga, Vasistha says that contentment is the supreme liberator.
  • Stillness– learning to be still internally and externally. Once you can sit still in one place, then you can direct your attention within. In addition to strengthening the body so that you aren’t distracted by aches and pains, hatha yoga and general exercise support stillness because the body is able to use up any nervous energy. Adequate rest is helpful as well. Moral character also supports stillness. When you know what to do and do what’s appropriate in the moment, there are fewer decisions to make. You don’t have to think so much. Moral character is highly developed in those who are Self-realized.
  • To be able to experience superconsciousness, the key is being able to sit upright letting your body relax, letting go of your story, letting go of everything that you think you are, staying awake and then just watching. Being there and letting everything go, that’s when real internal and external stillness occurs. When you can remain relaxed, awake, alert, and just simply observe and be there, then you’re content, you’re still, and the process occurs naturally.

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