Straight Talk on Spiritual Growth – South Asheville Kriya Satsang – Part 1/3

Straight Talk on Spiritual Growth – South Asheville Kriya Satsang – Part 1/3

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In this talk, Ryan answers questions about the spiritual path.

  • There is no real difference between Brahman, Ishvara, and Prakriti. They are essentially the same thing—the underlying creative intelligence which provides inspiration, purpose, and direction to life. Once you’re fully established in connection with Ishvara, Brahman, or Prakriti, you will know the purpose/meaning of life. You already are. You just have to pull yourself back to experience that.
  • Everything you do is God acting through you because everything is God. Everything is one thing. Even when you think you are acting of your own volition, your personal ego-identity, that’s still God. There is no separation between your ego and God. Everything you do is God working through you, but that doesn’t mean that everything you do is constructive or helpful.
  • Ask God to know what you should do and act on the inspiration. Align  yourself to Truth to know true inspiration from God.
  • If prostrating at your teacher’s feet helps you feel devotional and helps you attune to their state of consciousness, do it. But teachers aren’t necessarily there to be worshipped. Don’t worship a teacher’s personality. They are a contact point to pure Consciousness. The real benefit is in attuning to their state of consciousness.
  • No state of mind will lead to true enlightenment. Aim to remain in the state of the eternal Seer which sees various states of mind come and go. Pay attention to what you experience without judgment. You can exist free of thoughts and judgments. The best way to do that is by practicing contentment.

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