Part 21 Yoga Sutras Chapter 1 Verses 34–36

  • Practice sushumna breathing by focusing attention on the spine from the crown of the head or spiritual eye all the way down the spine to the tailbone. As you breathe in, imagine pulling cool current up the spine around to the spiritual eye, hold for an instant, exhale, and let the warm current flow down. You’re not forcing it back down. Imagine it like water running down your back in the shower. Practice this technique after 12–24 rounds of alternate nostril breathing.
  • All of your problems, mental agitation, desires, memories and unconscious urges are stored in the spine. Sushumna breathing essentially cleanses the nervous system and removes all the accumulated traumas and triggers so that we can process clearer states of consciousness.
  • Reverse negative charges in your body by doing little things throughout the day such as meditation, eating nutritious food, exercising and loving God.
  • The natural state of the mind is clear, serene, and whole. You can cultivate the sattvic (luminous and tranquil) aspect of the mind in meditation by allowing pleasant meditative perceptions such as light or visions to absorb your attention.
  • The purpose of this practice is to bring your attention within so that you can remain neutral, tranquil, and your Self no matter what happens.

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