Part 22 Yoga Sutras Chapter 1 Verses 36–37

  • Contemplate the states of consciousness and the virtuous attitudes and behaviors of spiritually enlightened saints and sages.
  • Accepting that liberation is possible for you right now, wondering how it can be possible, and doing what you need to do to experience it will surely lead to the experience of it. Most often, the biggest obstacle a person places in his path of achieving anything in life is doubting that that it is possible them to succeed.
  • When the average person thinks about accomplishing things, they think of a series of steps they need to take for it to work out, like an equation. Enlightened people work at a different level. Instead of trying to figure out the little details, they meditate, get clear, focus on the end result, and tell this Infinite Consciousness to fill in the gaps.
  • Don’t get attached to or be mentally fixated on how it’s going to work out or what it’s going to look like. Focus instead on what  you would like to experience.
  • Faith—moving beyond the mind and thoughts, trusting in the supportive Infinite Power and letting It do Its thing—is the key.

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