3 of 3 – Prayer and Healing – Unity of Kanawha Valley 2005 Sunday Service

Good company enlarges one’s intelligence, destroys one’s ignorance and one’s psychological distress. Whatever be the cost, however difficult it may be, whatever obstacles may stand in its way, good company should never be neglected. For good company alone is one’s light on the path of life. ­–Vasistha’s Yoga

The company you keep influences what you experience in life. If you want to be enlightened, surrounding yourself with people who are also focused on spiritual growth will make it easier for you. Similarly, it will be easier for you to dwell on difficulties if you’re around people who do the same. If you feel reluctant to give up attachment to your friends, give that resistance and attachment up to God and allow supportive new people and experiences to come into your life. You can still love and enjoy friends who may not be supportive of your aspirations, but don’t be attached to them. Most people mirror the behavior of others in order to relate to them (sometimes in detrimental ways), but you can decide to remain clear and strong. You can be a positive influence on the company you keep.

When you need something, all you have to do is ask for it. If you don’t know what you need, pray to know what you need. This is key. A good technique to gain more insight into what you need or whatever is troubling you is to ask God what the cause of the pain, the problem, or the unhappiness is and how you can change it. Do this before going to sleep. More than likely, you’ll have a dream showing you what it is. The more you do it, the clearer the answers will be. If you know what to do to change but you’re too lazy or reluctant to do so, pray and ask God what you need to do to allow God to work through you. Once you know that, make the change. It’ll happen.

Life is your garden. Know what you want to grow, and weed out those thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships that are unsupportive of your personal and spiritual growth. Make the commitment, go forward in faith, and let God work though you.

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