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Kriya Yoga Ireland August 2023 Ganesh statue with garland of marigolds

Join us for a week-long immersion in the practices of Kriya Yoga as taught through the lineage of Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda and Roy Eugene Davis.

Harmonizing and Empowering Your Spiritual and Worldly Intentions for the New Year – January 2022 Webinar

Join me on the First Full Moon of 2022 to meditate and set our worthwhile intentions for the New Year. The ultimate purpose of our life is to wake up

How to Learn Kriya Yoga When There are No Teachers Near You Ryan Kurczak sitting with Roy Eugene Davis

Often I am contacted by individuals interested in learning Kriya Yoga wanting to know how they can learn and begin practicing Kriya Yoga, even though there are no local teachers.

Are You Enlightened? Ganesh illustration

Recently, a colleague and fellow Kriya Yoga teacher asked how I responded to the question, “Are you enlightened?” At first, I laughed. I’ve been asked this question more times than

A Crash Course in Kriya Yoga Practice

The Purpose of Kriya Yoga Meditation and Spiritual Practice – Part 1 Staying True to the Path of Kriya Yoga – Part 2 Why Aren’t I Making Progress Towards Enlightenment?

Online Yogic Meditation Training Sessions with David McGrath

Kriya Yoga Meditation Teacher David McGrath will be offering a series of online sessions. David has been a friend and colleague for many years, and is also an authorized Kriya

Two new podcasts at The Kriya Yoga Podcast

Our Podcasts are also available on iTunes, Spotify and Google. Search for “the Kriya Yoga Podcast” or “Ryan Kurczak”.

The Kriya Yoga Podcast – First Episodes

Here are the first 3 episodes of the Kriya Yoga Podcast. They are available to download through Podbean, Apple iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify. If you search for Ryan Kurczak and

Resolving Traumas for a Better Meditation

Jim Norton, retired Methodist Minister, joins us for a discussion on the impact of trauma on our bodies, minds and spirit. We discuss ways of understanding, working with and growing

New Podcast – Living for Today

Why is it important to live for today? Can living for today improve our personal lives, our society or our health? In this episode we discuss the inspiration behind the