There Is No Later With God Part 1

  • God is nowhere but now. When a person can remain fully established in the now, in that Presence, that is where true awakening occurs.
  • There is nothing that you need to think about, do, or get over to experience God now. It’s there right now. We push away God thinking that we need to be praying or doing something special to experience God.
  • Anything that you can experience is God—thoughts, emotions, people, place. Everything is God. To think that something is not God is going to cause you doubt and confusion and is going to put off the reality of experiencing God right now.
  • Give every single act and service to God.
  • There is no end to life. Life is eternal. We have not been born. We have come into a body. Before we were in this body, we were something. After we leave this body, we are something. It is that thing that goes through birth and death which is the real you which is the real God. Spiritual practice (practicing meditation, prayer, going to church) turns your awareness back from change to experience that eternal nature.
  • The Yoga Sutras state that people take the noneternal to be eternal, and they take the eternal to be noneternal. The noneternal is the changing phenomena that we’re always experiencing.

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