There Is No Later with God Part 2

  • If you think there was a time when you were happier or more joyful, realize that if you could feel it then you can feel it now. It wasn’t that a particular set of circumstances which came together and occurred and made you feel good. It just so happened that things came together and you happened to be in that state at that time. The choice and capacity to feel good was already within you.
  • Everything that you think about yourself right now is true because you think it’s true and because you’re invested in this personality that has been shaped for you or that you’ve created all through this life. The idea that you don’t know God is just a thought you have. The way you change this is to change the way you think and change the way you behave.
  • There is a difference between spirituality and improving your life. If you want to know God, practice meditation and prayer and let that change your life. If you want to change your physical circumstances such as making more money, getting healthier, or having better relationships, you just need make the appropriate changes.
  • If you want to change your life circumstances, realize that the power of God is within you now. You simply have to tap into it, make different choices, and stick to them. Make the changes now. Don’t put them off until tomorrow.
  • God is here right now. Everything is God. There’s no place that you need to be that’s any different than where you are now. Remember that. Live in that. Be appropriate in whatever circumstances you find yourself. This will help keep you anchored in the now, which is God.
  • Ryan concludes this talk with an inspirational story.

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