Law and Grace – Meditation and Inspiration – Asheville NC – Part 2/2

  • To be enlightened about something means to know something. To be awake and to be enlightened is simply you knowing what you are.
  • We have to interact in this world and act through the personality. But don’t worry so much about the personality. Simply know what you are.
  • In the beginning, you move from the law. You move in such a way which appropriate, keeps you out of trouble. Once out of trouble, then you start moving into this position of grace. Then you can turn within and ask, “What am I?” Once you can ask and be quiet enough to hear the answer, that’s when the real internal process comes into play.
  • You meditate and live your life to exhaust your karma in a way that’s not going to cause problems.
  • When you’re asking for healing or something to change, let life continue to do what it’s doing without attachment to it and then make choices that support those changes.
  • A lifestyle that is supportive of Self-realization includes daily meditation, reading inspirational literature every day, and placing your trust in the Infinite.
  • Whenever you need to act, learn to turn within and ask what is appropriate. And then act in that way. Learn to determine the difference between the thoughts in your head and inspiration.
  • There will be an “aha” moment, when something just clicks. No questions. No thinking. You just know it’s right. That is the feeling that you have when you’re in the flow of Grace.
  • Start with little things. Decide what you want to accomplish within your life. Write it down. And then go forward living in that way. If you truly want to accomplish those things, then you will live in that way. If you don’t want to accomplish those things, admit that to yourself and go on doing what you’re doing.
  • Paying attention to that inner soul urge/divine guidance is easy. It takes meditation. It takes commitment. It takes being around people who are also committed to it.

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