Law and Grace – Meditation and Inspiration – Asheville NC – Part 1/2

  • To be Self-realized is to exist in Grace. When you are living a natural and spontaneous life, contentedly, you’re in the flow of Grace.
  • You don’t have to think about things unless thinking is the appropriate action like when you’re doing math problems or balancing your checkbook. Instead of directing things in a way you think they should go, you are simply there when something arises that you need to know or do. You don’t think about it. You turn within and you ask, “What is appropriate?” And then the appropriate thought or the appropriate inspiration arises, and you act on it. The more you do that, the easier life becomes, the more of being in the flow of grace you experience.
  • All religions have laws and guidelines. In the yogic tradition there are the yamas and niyamas, pranayama, and meditation, practices that we need to do which, like a law, keeps us going in a certain direction and out of trouble and prevents us from making more of a mess of the world.
  • Instead of acting out of inspiration/being connected with Divine Infinite Consciousness, people continuously look for things outside of themselves to make them happy. Because that happiness does not last, they soon look for something else to make them happy. This is the wheel of karma, samsara, suffering. That sense of happiness will never be fulfilling because it depends on external conditions.
  • As with the esoteric idea of alchemy in which there are things that are absolutely necessary in the process of turning lead to gold, spiritual practice requires that you follow certain laws and bring things together perfectly so that your nervous system is attuned to the Infinite Consciousness so that your actions are attuned to the evolution of Consciousness so that your thoughts, your mind, your emotions, everything lines up with the way Grace functions.
  • Pranayama, meditation, living a good life, telling the truth, and being an appropriate person allows you to move from the law to Grace. You can’t truly be, express, or share Grace with the world until you understand how the law works.
  • When you move from law to Grace, you stop thinking that you are a little individualized person making things happen. Most of the problems that you have come from this sense of I.
  • Sometimes as a yogi, you have to act in ways which you don’t think are appropriate. Nevertheless, those actions, such as resisting harm to yourself or others may be completely appropriate to the situation. Ryan discusses several examples of these situations. It is important to remember that the conceptions, the expectations you have about what it means to be awake and enlightened, are just thoughts within your mind.

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