How to Experience Samadhi Part 2/2

  • Samadhi is beyond experiencing bliss, happiness, and peace of mind. If you can experience it, that is conditioning. Samadhi is being who are you in every moment beyond name, form, and conditioning.
  • Ryan refers to The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. Brother Lawrence describes how he chose to do everything in service of God and to feel God no matter what he was doing. Eventually, his experience during his prayer practice was no different than in the rest of his life.
  • You can also train yourself to always feel God no matter what you’re doing—not just in meditation. Wonder what it would be like to experience samadhi during your daily activities and bring up that feeling of peace and being what you are as you perform mundane activities. When you are able to “be there” all the time, no matter what you are doing, that is samadhi beyond conditioning.
  • Learn to meditate by meditating. Commit the time to practice and develop skillfulness.
  • Thoughts, memories, and emotions will arise during meditation. That doesn’t mean you’re not doing it right. Keep your attention in the spiritual eye/higher brain centers, practice your meditation technique, and don’t give attention to thoughts, memories, and emotions.
  • You are already a liberated being. Live like one.

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