How to Experience Samadhi Part 1 of 2

  • The goal of all yoga practice is to experience a state of being where you are whole, spiritually free, and at peace inside no matter what’s going on.
  • Meditation gives you glimpses of what it is like to experience a free and peaceful state of being. Bring this peace into your daily living.
  • Yoga practice is a comprehensive process of transcending one’s thoughts and emotions. It includes techniques aside from asanas, or physical postures.
  • The spiritual eye is an important focal point of the techniques. Simply holding your attention at the spiritual eye allows you to rise above conditioned states of consciousness. Developing the frontal lobes of the brain allows you to concentrate, focus, and be optimistic and intentional.
  • Sitting with your awareness on the crown of the head (the 7th chakra) allows you to experience samadhi.
  • The purpose of meditation techniques is to calm the mind so that your consciousness can rise naturally and you can experience what you really are beyond conditioning.
  • You are the stillness beyond hopes and cravings. Thinking that there’s always something better is a trap. Meditation helps you realize that what you are right now is just fine. If you can be at peace with what’s right now, then it doesn’t matter what happens.

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