Prayer for Well Being

The following prayer came to me one night as I sat contemplating faith and well-being.

I and the Father are One.

Whose name sings between the birds of the air.

Whose mind rings through the deepest oceans of the Earth

and the blood of our bodies.

The Heavens which are your abode are within

and walk this world through my own temple.

I know you in the scent of the Summer roses

and in the icy Winters before my soul grows in the Spring.

In Autumn your love ripens my heart.

There is none other but you

and I faithfully seek to walk ever in your light.

In light I know I am of you

and all that you are is all I have ever needed.

My temple is yours.

My life is ever always yours.

Forgive me when I forget.

You are the river of my life

and I am your water.

Your course is mine

through deserts, under lofty trees

beneath the moon and starlight

in drought or flood

you are the radiant river of my life

That runs through my body, mind and heart.

As you contemplate these words, engage your imagination and the feeling of your body. Prayers, like poetry, can only change us if we engage our whole being in the experience of what the words indicate. Take your time with each line and even each word and let flood your awareness, drowning out all the nonsensical stress of your life. Remember.  Find what’s important.

Please listen and meditate on the following recording for a guided experience.

Aim to remember and live these words throughout your day.




  1. Beautiful Ryan! I meditated to this and felt great peace. I may use this as a daily meditation passage. Thank you for creating and posting this.