Feeling God

Many spiritually inclined philosophers often point out that none of us are in charge of each of our heart beats. None of us controls the orbit of a planet around the Sun, or the dance of the galaxies through infinite space. The cells of our body perform their trillions of functions without the need of a single thought from our little human minds.  The roses bloom in Summer and the seas rise and fall in a harmony like none other.

Our lives are part of this cosmic dance. Our loneliness, our household full of children, our sicknesses, our laughter, our moments of fellowship, all of it is a facet of the wholeness of life. We have arrived at this moment as a focused result of all the moments past and to come. All the gravities, butterfly wings and urge towards reproduction has brought us to this moment.

Can we trust that?  Can we contemplate the perfection of this moment?  Can we acknowledge that if we are alone, it is for good reason, maybe beyond what our minds can understand?  If we are surrounded by love and laughter, that is perfection.  It is much easier to accept that. If we are ill, what if that too is part of this perfection? If it is, then what good does it do us to push against the wholeness of life? What if there is a gift inside every moment.  What if the reason we are not married or in love, is because we are meant to be focusing on something else right now?  What if the reason we are not well and able to work as we would like, is because we are meant to be focusing on something else right now?

What if we took the time to contemplate what that “something else” is?  What if we took the time to honor the Will greater than our own that has currently put us in our current situation?  What if we had some trust in life?  What if we were able to listen to what life is whispering to us below the obvious external life circumstance?

Can you take the time to listen today?  Maybe take the time to listen everyday until the message is clear?  Maybe the wholeness of life doesn’t speak in short terse statements.  Maybe God speaks through the feeling in your body or the silence behind the voice in your head that comments on everything?

Can you find a way to listen and feel God for as long as it takes to get the message of your life, as it is, right now?  What would it take to get you to trust that power and presence that spins worlds, beats the hearts of every human and animal on the planet, knows when every rose blooms, withers and drops its seeds for the next time?

Today I am trying to do that.  I will continue everyday, for as long as it takes. I have tried many times.  Sometimes it has been so hard I didn’t understand why I kept coming back to it. Other times a realization would rise as clear as the Sun at mid day.  But I still continue, because it gets a little easier every time.  Maybe you will join me?




  1. Came across your kriya yoga videos while researching after reading The Autobiography of a Yogi. Thank-you for all that you share so graciously with others. Peace.

  2. There’s so much out there yet we can’t connect with it; hopefully one day we will! Your written text is as great and contemplative as your videos Ryan! Keep on generating such enlightening stuff.

  3. Thank you Ryan.
    Been in very difficult situation and have been wondering a little about this. This most certainly helps.
    Was drawn to kriyayoga many years ago and to Babaji…Thanks g you for bringing g back something. You are a super teacher. Distilling the questions and not giving clichéd tried.

  4. These words are so true. On several occasions that “something else” path was revealed to me in random thoughts often days after I was thinking about what I should do or why my circumstances were not as I expected. They were simply “aha” moments at the oddest times. I recognized the connections, followed the recommended course, and never regretted doing so.