Letting Go of Useless Baggage Part 3 – Kriya Yoga Satsang – Asheville, NC

Who are you and what do you want? When you know, what you should do next becomes obvious. Most people, however, struggle with the idea that they should have, do, and be everything at any time with no restrictions. This misunderstanding of freedom can undermine your ability to achieve your goals because when you go from one pursuit to another, you lack direction and waste energy on useless endeavors instead of focusing your attention and energy on what’s really important to you.

When you die, what do you want people to have said about you? How do you want them to have seen you? Decide what new habits you need to cultivate and how you now need to live to be that way and renounce everything else.

Think about how the topics of this talk are applicable to your life. Doing a life review and finding out what you are in meditation are two techniques that will help you let go of useless baggage. In meditation, you are learning to pull back from all the things you’re attached to so you can experience what it’s like to exist without them. Being able to exist free of your small sense of self is the real freedom. Then you can play your role in this world while knowing what you are.

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