Letting Go of Useless Baggage Part 2 – Kriya Yoga Satsang – Asheville, NC

You can have layers of baggage that can impede your ability to change despite your high resolve and motivation. But if you want to change something, you have to put attention into changing it and persist until it’s changed. It’s that way with anything you want to experience including clarity of awareness. There is no fundamental difference between you and those who accomplish their goals. The only difference is that those who are successful never gave up. They didn’t stop until they got it. So, don’t give up. Keep trying. And don’t wait to be inspired to be happy or do what you know you should do. Just tell yourself what to do and do it.

In addition to painful memories, emotions, repetitive thoughts, and sustained debilitating states, the people you hang around can also be a type of baggage. The things you do and the company you keep have an effect on your state of consciousness. You’ve chosen the friends you have because they strengthen your sense of self. They reinforce your habits. So, if you want to be different, consider the company you keep. Ask yourself: “Whom do I need to hang around that will support this new sense of self?” If you are growing and changing and the people around you aren’t, that’s keeping you from growing and changing as you could. That doesn’t mean you no longer love or enjoy them. You just stop identifying with them.

Once you decide how you want to be different, you have to do things to support your aspiration. You can’t continue to do and feel and think in the same ways. You have to decide to do and feel and think different things.

To successfully reinvent yourself, it’s also important to redefine your values and principles. Principles and values define your sense of self. They provide a structure that eliminates useless thinking about what you should do. That kind of thinking is what gets in the way and wastes your energy.

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