Knowing God and Nonattachment

In this video, Ryan explains the role of nonattachment as it applies to meditation practice. He gives us much to contemplate.

  • If you are caught up in who you think you are, you’re not going to be able to experience a higher reality because you’re identified with your limited sense of self.
  • When you’re meditating, completely and totally forget about you. Just be there and see what happens. If you completely and totally forget about yourself, then you are free to experience a higher state of consciousness.
  • Kriya Yoga is not just a set of meditation techniques. Kriya Yoga is a lifestyle, a way of being in the world. Kriya Yoga is a way of aligning your life in a way so that it supports your aspiration to wake up. Everything you do is Kriya Yoga practice.
  • When you are using a meditation technique, you want to let go of attachment to the technique itself. You use the technique to experience stillness and clarity, but then you let go of it once you’re still and clear. Then you just exist in that state and stay there as long as you can.
  • Acknowledge that what you are thinking and feeling in the present moment is just what’s happening in Consciousness right now and then pull your attention away from your thoughts and feelings. Let go of your attachment to these things and give your attention to what you want to know. In the Yoga Sutras, meditation is defined as alert and focused concentration on your chosen object or ideal. So, if that’s God, then turn your attention within and focus on God however you imagine God to be.
  • The meditation process is just an exercise in directing your attention. It’s hard to keep the attention turned within. If that’s the case, don’t worry about it. Just continually do it over and over again until you can hold it in there. Be gentle with yourself. Remember, the first yama is harmlessness. In time, you’ll be able to hold it there for good. And that is the difference between someone who is awake and someone who is not awake. It’s not that they are not in this world. It means that when they want to, they can put their attention on the Self and hold it there and stay there. And then when they want to, they can come back out and enjoy the world.

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