PART 19 – Chapter 1: Verses 31-32: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Prompted by verses 31-32, ch.1 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Ryan sets out to both shed light on how one can authentically develop in their spiritual practice, as well as on some common trappings throughout the process. Here is a dot-pointed summary of the key ideas, themes and discussion points:

• During meditation, don’t expect anything to happen, just do what you have been taught to do. This helps to remove anxiety around the process. Expectations push away the experience.

• Trying to experience God is the same as saying I am not part of God, often leading to frustration. Being okay with experience and reality as it is right now is the key. Samadhi is near when you are content enough to cease striving for something that you believe to be beyond your current reach or capacity.

• Aiming to be awake right now, the only now or moment that there really is, sets in motion the prerequisites for your life to be aligned in a way that allows for you to naturally experience the oneness state all the time. The universe responds to your state of consciousness and intention. The universe seeks to enhance or generate the quality of experience which you are emitting, as it is your will. When you find peace in your experience, the universe works to maintain that peace.

• The more you can tell the truth to an appropriate degree, share the truth and experience the truth, you are furthering your alignment with the Eternal Self. When an enlightened person says something, it has to happen, as they are totally aligned with truth.

• A meditation technique works for you when it is able to really hold your attention. Find and practice these techniques, and everything else that is distracting you from your Eternal nature simply falls away.

• The only empowerment a technique has, or anything for that matter, is the empowerment you give it.

This discussion is by Ryan Kurczak during the ‘Yogic Scriptures and Meditation Group’ at ‘Asheville Yoga Center’. Ryan is Kriya Yoga Teacher in the lineage of Roy Eugene Davis and Paramahansa Yogananda.

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