PART 13 – Chapter 1: Verses 21-23: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

PART 13 – Chapter 1: Verses 21-23: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


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28/02/09 – @ Asheville Yoga Center
PART 13 – Chapter 1: Verses 21-23: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Prompted by verses 21-23, ch.1 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Ryan sets out to both shed light on how one can authentically develop in their spiritual practice, as well as on some common trappings throughout the process. Here is a dot-pointed summary of the key ideas, themes and discussion points:

• Intensive spiritual practice means everything you do and be is spiritual practice. The degree to which you are intensive in this practice determines the speed to which you realize the Eternal Self.

• Treating everything you do as spiritual practice holds the clear intention of wanting to wake up to your true Self. This allows you to cultivate both a trust in the process, as well as an inner knowing that realization is truly guaranteed for you. These affirmations are beneficial.

• The goal of Yoga and meditation is to be present in yourself as yourself at all times: yourself as the Eternal Self. Being distracted by thoughts, memories or emotions is an obstacle to being present to yourself as the Eternal Self.

• When you are not centred in your Eternal Self, often one will premeditate their conversations with others, searching to coerce circumstances in their favor. However, the key in relationships is to observe whatever is going on, don’t think, listen. Thinking is what limits connection and Divine revelation.

• If you are going to think, thinking enlightenment is guaranteed for you is beneficial.

• As Roy Eugene Davis would say: “waking up is simple, all it takes is a shift in viewpoint”. However, it typically takes consistent practice to break the mental conditioning that is limiting your capacity to do so. This is the work of Yoga and meditation.

• Totally surrendering your life to the Eternal Self automatically induces awakening. You as the ego-self don’t have to do anything at all, the Eternal Self is taking care of it.

This discussion is by Ryan Kurczak during the ‘Yogic Scriptures and Meditation Group’ at ‘Asheville Yoga Center’. Ryan is Kriya Yoga Teacher in the lineage of Roy Eugene Davis and Paramahansa Yogananda.

For a complete discussion on the Yoga Sutras in the light of Kriya Yoga, please see:

and the book: Kriya Yoga: Continuing the Lineage of Enlightenment.

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