Kriya Yoga Guru Lahiri Mahasaya

“Lahiri Mahasaya was the best example of a householder yogi. He was able to demonstrate that it was possible to live a natural life and still attain the highest goals of Self-realization.”

In this episode of the Kriya Yoga Podcast Ryan delves into the extraordinary life of Lahiri Mahasaya. From his devout upbringing, Ryan explores Lahiri’s fated spiritual path to reintroduce Kriya Yoga to the world. Lahiri exemplified his bestowed name, Mahasaya, which means one who is large-minded or has the capacity for cosmic consciousness, by maintaining his family and social matters by day, and by night meeting with truth seekers interested in learning Kriya Yoga. Ryan’s reads an excerpt from the Public Domain version of Autobiography of a Yogi, “Materializing a Palace in the Himalayas” which recalls Lahiri Mahasaya’s introduction to Babaji and Kriya Yoga, and how Lahiri encouraged Babaji to relax the standards around teaching Kriya techniques so they could be more accessible to all walks of life.  Lahiri would share the practices of Kriya Yoga with those who came to him with a sincere desire for spiritual growth, no matter what religion or tradition they followed.

Ryan explains that the Kriya Yoga techniques allow one to turn within and explore their relationship to the wholeness of life and all saints and sages come to this realization, and Lahiri Mahasaya recognized this and was regarded highly by many swamis. Lahiri did not want Kriya Yoga to be turned into an organization. He wanted it to remain private.  Individuals would learn the techniques and then do the work by themselves and live their normal lives.  Whatever peace and clarity revealed itself during their practice could then permeate into their family/work lives. Ryan explains how each guru had a role to play depending on the current era they lived in and that Lahiri played his role by streamlining Kriya Yoga practices for the lay person.

Ryan reminds us to focus on basic Kriya Yoga techniques and master them before moving on to more advanced practices. Ryan recalls Lahiri’s journey to the infinite and relates it to the shared experience we all are destined for.

“We are meant to become like Lahiri Mahasaya…such that we have the same realizations, such that we can live our life, play our role with peace and clarity while recognizing that one day that will all pass and then we move on to the next stage of our life.”

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