Kriya Yoga Teacher Mahavatar Babaji

Kriya Yoga Teacher Mahavatar Babaji

In the first episode of the Kriya Yoga Podcast Ryan explores the myth and legend of the life of Mahavatar Babaji through the sacred interactions with the gurus of this Kriya Yoga lineage as explained in Autobiography of a Yogi. Ryan conveys the importance of becoming familiar with the mythical aspects of Kriya Yoga to help one outgrow the limited human mind capacity.

Baba means father, Ji denotes reverence or respect, therefore Babaji literally means holy father.  As such, Babaji works behind-the scenes to uplift humanity through his clarity of consciousness by inspiring people who are actively seeking clearer states of consciousness. Babaji is not limited to this teaching tradition, he is simply a conduit for the Kriya Yoga tradition.  And thus, he is known by many different names, which Ryan analyzes. 

Ryan explains that attending to your own meditation practice and realizing we are the wholeness of life is transformational to the world. 
Babaji's role is the avatar of Shiva; he is here to aid in the transition from the Dark Ages to the Age of Enlightenment. He is influential in accelerating the awakening of self-realization to those on the spiritual path and works to neutralize the stress of misguided individuals who cannot yet see the bigger picture.
Mahavatar Babaji
Ryan speaks to being patient and remaining in a loving presence with people that have different view points than you and recognizing the unity between us all.

"The light that Babaji represents is within all of us. And if are able to let go of the attachment to our small sense of self...and able to rest in pure awareness... 
that is the nature of this legendary figure, Babaji."
-Ryan Kurczak

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