Knowing Your Divine Purpose – Unity of Kanawha Valley Sunday Service Talk – Part 1 – March 14, 2010

Knowing Your Divine Purpose – Unity of Kanawha Valley Sunday Service Talk – Part 1 – March 14, 2010

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What’s your role in the divine drama? A lot of people make a big deal about that. Your role in the divine drama is whatever you’re doing right now. In my former work as a Vedic astrologer, I used to work with people who asked what their purpose in life was. When I looked at their chart, more often than not, what I saw in their chart was exactly what they were doing—whether they were a nurse, a minister, a massage therapist, a mother, a father etc. The birth chart is like a snapshot of all the habits, tendencies, actions, choices, and thoughts for thousands of lifetimes.

That’s why we have some people who come into this world and can pick up a violin at four or five and play things that someone who’s been playing for 20 years can’t play. Some people are good at one thing and not another thing because, over these lifetimes, they’ve put their attention on making the life they wanted to make. However you’ve been living your life, whatever character you’ve been creating for yourself, that is what you’re going to do.

If you don’t like what your role is in this life, start doing something else. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy or that it’s going to happen naturally. But just like with anything else, you have to practice something to get good at it.

What do you want to be doing? And why aren’t you doing it? The soul, the thing that we really are, which is beyond the mind and the body, is eternal and immortal. My teacher, Roy Davis, always said, “You have your immortal, infinite, eternal life, which means you last forever, so how are you living that immortal, infinite life right now?” Are you caught up in your past tendencies and baggage, thinking that you can’t accomplish anything because of what happened to you as a child or whatever it might be?

Ask yourself, “What is it that I want to be expressing and accomplishing in this world? Am I willing to do what it takes to do that?” If you are, great. If you’re not, don’t complain. It just comes right down to what are the consequences of your actions and are you willing to accept them and put in the time to accomplish what you want?

We actually have two purposes if you want to break it down and categorize it. The first purpose is your absolute purpose: to know what you are in the core of your being, to know your eternal, immortal Self. If you truly knew that you were immortal and eternal, would you really get all bent out of shape about a lot of the stuff that happens in life? By practicing meditation, praying, internalizing your awareness, and wondering what it’s like to know God, you slowly start to pull back and wake up. You start to realize that this is an infinite, immortal dream.

The second part that we sometimes push aside in spiritual communities is your relative purpose. The absolute and relative purpose go together. You have to wake up. That’s why we’re all here. But all of us are different. We all have our talents, interests, and characteristics. The world requires all these different people doing all these different jobs to make this world run. If you think about your relative purpose and you let that be your spiritual practice, that helps you wake up to this much deeper sense of Self.

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