Freedom from Karma South – Asheville Yoga Satsang – Presented by Ryan Kurczak

Freedom from Karma South – Asheville Yoga Satsang – Presented by Ryan Kurczak

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In this video, Ryan examines the difference between fantasy and creative imagination. He says that fantasy is out-of-control imagination. It’s when you’re daydreaming or just have weird thoughts in your head that you can’t quite get a hold of.

Imagination is very useful because it’s what creates your life. He suggests getting in the habit of imagining ideal circumstances. Rather than thinking you’re going to go about your life and things are going to happen and you’re going to have to deal with them, take some time to see your life the way you want it to be. What you have right now is what you have seen your life to be on an unconscious, automatic level. You can take control of your karma by learning to see different things for yourself (if you need to see something different).

Regarding spiritual growth, rather than seeing yourself as a seeker, see yourself as someone who has it figured out. You will start to make different choices so that you will wake up more quickly and naturally. This can also be applied to mundane things like health, financial prosperity, and relationships.

Ryan explains that the will that we have is God’s gift. By tuning into God and saying “What is your will? Help empower me to achieve these things which need to be done,” God will come through and empower you in that way. But you still need to act. You still need to accomplish what God wants within this world, and part of using your will is utilizing your creative imagination.

All you need to do is have a desireless desire. Know what you want. See it in your mind’s eye. And without attachment, let it float out through consciousness. You don’t need to beg or attach a feeling of lack around it, you accept that it’s true and trust that the Divine will bring it into your life. Struggle and striving block achievement. When meditating, sit calm and relaxed, imagine what you think an enlightened superconscious state is, and say that you’re ready to experience that.  Feel that, float it out into your awareness, and then let it go. Be still and wait.

When the opportunities arise, do what needs to be done. You can sit in your chair and pray for God to come or to experience peace of mind, enlightenment, and clarity of consciousness. But if you don’t sit to meditate, if you don’t practice pranayama, if you don’t do your best to live a good, wholesome life, it’s just going to be something that you want. It’s not going to bring it into reality. You have to make sure that you’re willing to make the changes and do what’s called for to experience this change within yourself.

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