Understanding the Holy Science Book Release

Understanding the Holy Science: A Theoretical and Experiential Study Guide to Sri Yuktewsar’s Kriya Yoga Practice is available now in paperback and hardback through Amazon.

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This new translation of Sri Yukteswar’s “Kaivalya Darshanam” (The Holy Science) sutras includes:

  • A Study Guide for Kaivalya Darshanam (The Holy Science)
  • Illustrations of Yogic States of Consciousness
  • New Translation of Sanskrit the Sutras
  • With Experiential Analyses and Commentary
  • Explanations of Context within Spiritual Practice
  • Guided Meditations

Swami Sri Yuktewsar’s book The Holy Science, is a wealth of spiritual knowledge. In its pages Sri Yukteswar outlines a method of spiritual practice, in the Kriya Yoga tradition, that leads to mystical realization. While the original intention of the book was to illustrate the unity of purpose between Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, an astute yogi can look even deeper into the content and find a profound source of inspiration to quicken one’s awakening, Self-realization path.

This text is a transcription of a class entitled, Understanding the Holy Science: A Theoretical and Experiential Study Guide to Sri Yukteswar’s Kriya Yoga Practice. The purpose of the class was to provide insight into how to directly experience the levels of existence and states of consciousness that Sri Yukteswar describes. Through an exploration of the public domain version of The Holy Science, in this class, we were able to navigate the categories of cosmic manifestation and contemplate formulas of meditation that lead to a direct absorption into the OM vibration. It is through constant returning of attention to the OM vibration that we are baptized in Spirit, until complete realization dawns, kaivalya.

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Through the study of this book, an advanced practitioner can enliven their spiritual practice and learn to navigate the inner realms of consciousness.
Additional Contents:
-An Exploration of the Categories of Cosmic Manifestations
-Guidelines for Contemplative Meditation which Lead to Absorption in OM
-An Explanation of the Spheres (Lokas) of Existence-Theories and Practices which Increase the Capacity for Self-Realization

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