Centering Meditation from Asheville, NC

This post is a transcript of a guided meditation. I encourage you to meditate along with the video after familiarizing yourself with the procedure.

Turn your attention within.

Begin by feeling your body. Notice how your body feels sitting with your back against the chair. Scan your body from the top of your head all the way down to the feet, witnessing and observing any relaxation or tension . . . feeling the breath coming in and flowing out. And as you watch, contemplate, “Who or what is aware of these sensations?” And remember when you were asleep last night when you were no longer aware of your body. Who or what wasn’t aware of this physical form?

And then, letting go of your attention on the body, bring your awareness to your mind and your emotions. See if you can step back and watch the thoughts that appear spontaneously in your mind. And rather than identifying with them, ask, “Who or what is aware of these thoughts? Who or what is aware of these feelings?”

Now bring your awareness to the sounds within your ears. Hear the furnace. Hear the sound of your neighbor’s breathing. And again, as the witness, ask, “What is it that is aware of this . . . that can hear these things?”

Now thread those three observations together. Be simultaneously aware of the body, of the mental and emotional field, and of the sounds you hear. Just observe. Watch the changes. You don’t have to do anything except watch.

And for the duration of the day, try to hold this state of the witness. Rather than thinking, be yourself. And let that Presence permeate your body, your mind, and your spirit . . . permeate this environment that we all may meditate deeply and clearly.

Let’s chant Om once together before we open our eyes.



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