An Introduction to Kriya Yoga Meditation Practice – July & August 2020

An Introduction to Kriya Yoga Meditation Practice – July & August 2020

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Online Class Announced – An Introduction to Kriya Yoga Practice – July & August 2020

You are invited to join us July 12th through August 23rd, 2020 for an online class exploring the Fundamentals of Kriya Yoga Meditation Practice for Beginners. 

This class will consist of 6 pre-recorded lectures, and 6 live online group discussion/meditation sessions. Each week, participants will be sent a video and/or audio exploring the teachings of Kriya Yoga. Our goal will be to discuss and provide commentary on the fundamentals of Kriya Yoga Practice as it relates to your Self-realization and meditation. 

Topics Include:

Week 1

How to Meditate

How to Set Up an Effective Meditation Practice

-Food, Sleep, Exercise, Discipline, Devotion

Week 2

History of Kriya Yoga in the Modern Era

The Rebirth of Kriya Yoga

About the Spiritual Lineage

Week 3

The Life of Dedicated Kriya Yogi

What is Important in Life

The Foundation of a Yogi’s Life

Week 4

Preparatory Techniques

The Power and Purpose of Initiation

Week 5

Becoming a Disciple

Living in Harmony with Your Spiritual Purpose

Week 6

The Purpose of Spiritual Study

Class #1 will be posted on July 12th. Then the remaining 5 classes will be posted each following Sunday. Participants will be sent a link to the class, and login information to view the class material. Class material will remain available for review from July 12th through August 28th, 2020. 

Online group meditation and Q&A sessions will occur on July 19th, 26th and August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd at 6 PM EASTERN TIME ZONE. During these online sessions, we will answer questions related to the classes posted previously, and meditate together with the time left over. The online sessions will be hosted via The invitation to each meeting will be found at the bottom of the class page.

Seasoned yogic meditators are invited to participate to further hone their practice, and beginning yogic meditators are invited to learn the time tested techniques of Self-realization.  Everyone is invited to introduce their mind and consciousness to the great work that is Kriya Yoga.

Prerequisites for Class Participation: A review of the Kriya Yoga Meditation Beginner’s Guide on YouTube is advised. If not familiar with Kriya Yoga Meditation practices, the 11-Hour Downloadable Audio Course is advised.

These are advised, so we can dive right into the course material.

Required Reading: Kriya Yoga: Continuing the Lineage of Enlightenment by Ryan Kurczak

Fee: It is on a donation basis. 

(No Obligation to Donate for Patreon Members.

To Register: Please email  to request information on how to apply for participation. Registration  ends July 8th, 2020. (You DON’T need to register if you are already a  member of the Patreon community.)

Once your registration is complete you will be sent an email with login information to access the course lectures. One lecture will be posted each week, for 6 weeks, beginning July 12th. 

Please familiarize yourself with Ryan’s teaching style and emphasis   before committing to this class. See Ryan’s videos on the site below for free instruction on meditation, Self-Inquiry and Kriya Yoga meditation.

Kriya Yoga Teaching Videos 

“When the light of the Self dawns purely and brightly in the heart,   one sees it was there all along, never lost. One sees that all that is,   was and will be, is the radiant indescribable uncreated being of the   Self.”

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