The Kriya Yoga Podcast – Selflessness, Life Purpose, Death and Astrology

The Kriya Yoga Podcast – Selflessness, Life Purpose, Death and Astrology

Episode 17 of “The Kriya Yoga Podcast” has been released.

In this episode of The Kriya Yoga Podcast, we dig into deeper spiritual topics. I am joined by Mitch Hankins, creator of and fellow Kriya Yoga student, and together we explore the following questions:

1. How do the concepts of “control / discipline” and “letting go” fit together? 

2. What is selflessness and how does that relate to the Kriya path?   

3. Mr. Davis spoke often of pursuing Self- and God-realization for the total evolution of consciousness, and to consider this endeavor to be a “purposeful, evolutionary process” vs. desiring enlightenment for selfish reasons. Could you expand or further explain what is meant by this?  

4. How do we as “jivas” (individualized units of consciousness) relate to each other? Are we co-experiencing one reality? Do different people/things/beings actually exist, or is all of this just a figment of one’s imagination?   

5. Do you think contemplating death is useful while on the spiritual path? If so, how does it help?  

6. Based on your professional experience as an Astrologer, do you think that there is such a thing as a true “soul’s purpose” or “life’s purpose”?   

7a: What’s the biggest mistake you see people making on this path, and 7b: Is there a piece of advice you’d give to those on the Kriya path? 


  1. Ryan and his associates are a blessing to me personally – and to
    The world . My deepest , heart – gratitude to you all!!!!!!!!

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