2 of 3 – Prayer and Healing – Unity of Kanawha Valley 2005 Sunday Service

Prayer is like ordering a pizza. First, you have to know what you want—not what other people want for you. Before you begin to pray, calm your mind and emotions. You don’t want to be emotionally attached to what you want to experience. If you are emotionally attached to what you want, not getting it would disturb you. Being emotionally upset can compromise your ability to see clearly and act appropriately. Once you’re clear, “place the call” and pray. Calmly ask God for what you want and have faith that what you’ve requested will show up. Then you have to be receptive to the opportunities that arise and act on them. You may be afraid, but you have to move through any fear or doubt and take the pizza.

An important part of this process is living as though what you desire is already real and present in your life. If you want to be healthy, think and act like a healthy person. Ask to be healed, and then live your life constructively instead of focusing on your problems. Highly functional people aren’t worried being healthy or happy, they’re focused on accomplishing their worthwhile purposes. Make that shift in viewpoint and have faith that it’s going to happen.

If you find it difficult to know or articulate what you want, you can also use prayer to get calm and clear. Talk to God, however God is real for you, and express what you’re afraid of and what you want to experience. Hold nothing back. Get into it. Talk until you have nothing else to say. It’s best to talk out loud. When you express yourself to God in this way, you are releasing metaphorical energy blocks stored in the body. When that energy is released, it is reabsorbed by the body to be redirected for healing and other supportive purposes. Once you feel clear, calmly express to God what you want. Keep going until you experience that inner confirmation that what you want is already there. Now sit quietly and adopt the viewpoint of experiencing what you want to experience.

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