#1 Bhagavad Gita Commentary in the Kriya Yoga Tradition 1/2

#1 Bhagavad Gita Commentary in the Kriya Yoga Tradition 1/2

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In this video, we explore Chapter 1 of the Bhagavad Gita, “The Yoga of the Despondency of Arjuna.” The Bhagavad Gita is an allegory of spiritual awakening. The main characters are Arjuna, the spiritual seeker, and Krishna, supreme infinite Consciousness. In this story, a war is being fought. On one side are the sons of Dhritarashtra (unenlightened, deluded mind), which represent the sense of individualized awareness which includes memories of experiences which support change and transformation, a strong sense of individuality, worldliness which is attached to superficial and transient things and circumstances, hatred or strong dislike, and inconstancy. These are the main issues that keep the seeker bound. On the other side are the sons of Pandu (pure intelligence, inner knowing of divinity), the prana frequencies within the chakras, which the support the evolution of consciousness and take us beyond individualized awareness. These frequencies are represented by enthusiasm, spirituality, self-control, the virtue of equanimity and invincible truth consciousness. They are enlivened by listening to the Om vibration. They help us overcome addictive tendencies, psychological complexes, a sense of individuality, strong hatred or dislike, and inconstancy.

Other great warriors on the side of spiritual growth are concentrated pure love and omniscience and kundalini energy as it rises up the spine. These are all things to tune in to. Love unconditionally. No matter what happens, you can choose to always concentrate on being here now and remaining established in the sense love. This helps to lift the prana up through the spine naturally to awaken the higher chakras. Even if you don’t know what pure unconditional love feels like, you can just imagine it and then be open. You have to hold it in yourself first until it becomes real for you. Stay with it until you have the direct experience.

Doubt and laziness get in the way of the processes of spiritual growth. If you never give these processes a chance to work, they won’t. Once you are on the path, maintaining a state of alert, powerful joy in the process helps it work. If you can bring up a feeling of peace, joy, and contentment while you practice, this helps recondition your consciousness and lift you above all the things that keep you locked in individualized awareness.

The best way to empower your practice is to live a life of purity and truth because when you can do that and conserve your vital resources by not wasting time on frivolous things, you have at your disposal this natural energy to wake up. Speaking (and being) the truth the best you know how is the key to waking up. If you can speak the truth, then you are reconditioning your external experience to manifest truth in all ways. You will know the truth, and contentment will manifest itself more easily.

There are only two mistakes a person can make on the path to liberation: One is not starting. The other is not going all the way. By being enthusiastic and self-motivated, you can make yourself go all the way.

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