Part 3 Yoga Sutras Chapter 1 Verses 3-4

Part 3 Yoga Sutras Chapter 1 Verses 3-4

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In this third recording from a series of lectures on the first chapter of the Yoga Sutras, Ryan Kurczak explains the third and fourth sutra.

When the fluctuations and changes in our awareness are restrained and pacified, we can experience samadhi and be established in your own true nature, our seeing Self. When we meditate, we should not identify with the fluctuations but instead observe them. When we are not identified with our Self but instead with the changes and transformations that occur in mind and awareness, we experience pleasure and pain, compulsion and aversion. Through the practice meditation we are going to detach ourselves from the external things we identify with, that what in Vedic and yogic text is called the divine play. If we can always in our daily lives remain that detached witnessing presence, we will see that all external things do not mean anything, and we are in the state of samadhi.

Recorded in 2009 at the first “Yogic Scriptures and Meditation Group” hosted by the Asheville Yoga Center.

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