Part 10 Yoga Sutras Chapter 1 verse 16

In this recording from a series of lectures on the first chapter of the Yoga Sutras, Ryan Kurczak introduces us to sutra 16.

Yoga practice helps us disidentify with what we are not so that we can know what we are, which is the witnessing presence, eternal and beyond time and space. When we are identified with that space within, we can live more effectively, unattached to the result of our actions and then life happens naturally and spontaneously.

As embodied, we have karma that needs to be expressed. Our personal karma makes us reactive in certain ways. As long as we are reactive with our karma, we are identified with what we are experiencing. When we identify with our experiences regardless if they are good or bad, the karma will perpetuate and keep us within the realms of rebirth. Everything that we experience booth the good and the bad is happening because we, on some level, want it to happen. When we can accept that and take responsibility, we can detach from it and what we think we are to know our Self.

Recorded in 2009 at the first “Yogic Scriptures and Meditation Group” hosted by the Asheville Yoga Center. Presented by Ryan Kurczak, Kriya Yoga teacher authorized by Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.

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