Knowing Absolute Love – Meditation and Inspiration Service – Asheville NC – Part 2/2

This is the second portion of a lecture about absolute love based on a talk given by Roy Eugene Davis. Ryan also discusses the “karma storehouse’ we all carry and how to exhaust this karma in our life.

The “karma storehouse” is defined as our habits, tendencies, thoughts, and actions. In order to exhaust this karma, we must decide to go in a certain direction and make choices which support that. If we want to be Self-realized, we must make choices which support a healthy lifestyle and Self-realization. Karma will continue until it exhausts itself. Karma will not be exhausted, however, until we make the conscious decision to quit habits, behaviors, and beliefs that sustain it. Ryan share some examples from his own life that illustrate this idea.

In the last half of the video, we return to the topic of absolute love as it pertains to our lives. Ryan reminds us to “Be so intoxicated with love for God that you don’t know anything else.” He explains although that most people don’t think that way, it’s important that your attention be on love—not just love for God but love itself. When love is all you know, the troubles in your life start to fall away. If you want to know absolute love, be absolute love.

A friend told Ryan that “Most people are just a ball of delusions, cravings, and unfulfilled desires.” When you are interacting with people, all you’re really talking to are delusions, cravings, and unfulfilled desires. Knowing this can help us interact with people in a state of unconditional love. This also supports/cultivates love for ourselves, because we all have cravings and desires to some degree. By the steady practice of divine love for no reason (it’s divine because it’s for no reason), we are transformed, and others are transformed through their interaction with us.

When we meditate, it is important not to meditate for a specific purpose like wanting to be enlightened. Wanting to wake up is a craving and a desire too. That’s useful in the beginning to get you started, but once you are established on the path and meditating every day, quit doing it for a reason. Just do it and be in love. This will transform your meditations. When you meditate, simply practice your techniques, and observe and witness your states of consciousness, but do it as though you are complete and perfect love. No matter what’s going on, be in love, manifest love. Feel what happens internally and also what happens in the environment when you are just holding a state of love for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

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