An Introduction to Kriya Yoga Mysticism and Samadhi

An Introduction to Kriya Yoga Mysticism and Samadhi

Kriya Yoga is a mystical path. Through the knowledge acquired through our practice we find a way into the mystical realms of our being. This is the topic of this recording. The recording in this post is from our biennial Kriya Yoga retreat in Ireland 2023. Announcements for these retreats are offered to Kriya Yoga Online Patreon members and Kriya Yoga Apprenticeship Students.

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Topics include:
Why do we really practice Yogic Meditation, Kriya Yoga? Why do we want to experience Samadhi or a state of oneness with the Divine?
Why are you in this world?
What is Bhoga and Apavarga?
How does Samkhya philosophy relate to our ability to experience Samadhi and an understanding of our life purpose?
How do you experience a greater and permanent peace and depth in your meditation practice?
How do you move from trying to escape from all your problems to actually having a transformative meditation experience?
Why is spiritual practice so challenging?
What is Unceasing Spiritual Practice?
What is Viveka Khyati?
What is like to practice yoga on a subtle level?
What does it mean to know you are infinite spirit?

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