Healthy Relationships and Societal Healing

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Karen White, fellow astrologer and successful relationshipeer, joins us for a discussion on the the top 10 characteristics of a good relationship. Relationships are successful because of one’s ability to love and support a partner and also to receive that same support. Here Karen and I dig into our own 5 most important qualities that contribute to a lasting (at least as long as it is able!) and worthwhile relationship.

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Jim Nolan, ex-police officer turned sociology professor (and I-Ching enthusiast), joins us for a conversation on Indra’s net. Jim takes us through a journey of understanding how an ancient Vedic myth can help communities heal social disparities.

Dr. Nolan is a professor at West Virginia University. He teaches courses in the area of crime and social control. His research currently focuses on neighborhood dynamics, police procedures, crime measurement, hate crimes, and equity and inclusion in higher education. He is also the author of The Violence of Hate: Understanding Harmful Forms of Bias and Bigotry.

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